During a time where COVID-19 is going around, making sure that your home is properly sanitized is essential. Wiping down a surface might not necessarily kill all the germs that were on it so making sure to disinfect your surfaces properly is important so that residents and guests feel safe within your home. Here are some tips on how to keep you clean and sanitized. 

1. Washing Your Hands Thoroughly and Frequently
The best way to fight viruses such as COVID-19 is to do your own part and wash your hands frequently. Even if you remove all the germs from your surfaces, all of that work can be reversed if someone touches your surface with unclean hands. It is important that you are aware of your surroundings when going out, and washing your hands before coming back home so that you’re not bringing in any outside germs. 

2. Sanitizing Areas That Are Frequently Visited
Areas in the house such as kitchens and bathrooms are hot-spots for germs since they are so frequently visited by people in your home. Therefore, you should look into disinfecting these areas more frequently than others, especially the doorknobs for these rooms. 

3. Sanitizing Electronics
Electronics such as phones, touch-pads, and computers are very likely to hold germs since they may often be shared by residents in the house. Sanitizing electronics will help in slowing down the spread of germs in your household.

4. Using Products That Are Effective Against Viruses 
If you are disinfecting your home, it is important to make sure that you are using disinfectants that are both effective, and non-toxic to people living in your home. During these times, you might want to find a disinfectant that is effective against COVID-19. Here is a list of EPA-registered household disinfectants that are effective against COVID-19: List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) | US EPA