Junk Removal Services

Ajax, ON & Surrounding Areas

For homeowners and property managers, getting rid of unused junk may be a time-consuming and grueling task. We are able to remove old appliances, furniture, construction debris, electronics and anything else that you consider junk. Our team will only remove items that you consider junk and will not make assumptions so that we respect your privacy.

We have been offering junk removal services in and around the Greater Toronto Area for over 8 years. Our team makes sure to carry out our services in a professional manner so that our customers are satisfied with the work we do. If you are in need of reliable junk removal services, contact us today.

Cleaning up and removing junk from your property is a time-consuming task that property managers and homeowners might not want to deal with. Businesses may receive new hardware and may require aid in getting rid of the old hardware they were previously using. At Maca’s Cleaning Services, our team will remove junk such as old furniture, electronics, appliances, and construction debris, from your office or home so that you do not have to stress over it. Maca’s Cleaning Services will guarantee a clean work and home environment for those who use our services.

Where is Maca’s Cleaning Services Located?

Maca’s Cleaning Services offers high-quality junk removal services in areas in and around the Greater Toronto Area such as Ajax, Whitby, Pickering, Scarborough, and Oshawa. Feel free to contact us to see if we offer cleaning services in your area.

What Junk We Remove

Removing junk is a task that is time-consuming especially if you have replaced many items at once. Maca’s Cleaning Services will remove items such as old computers, monitors, phones, construction debris, furniture, and anything that you would deem junk. If you are a homeowner or property manager that has just replaced their furniture or has had a construction job done, we will remove all the junk present so that your home or work environment is nice and tidy. Our team will never remove a piece of equipment or furniture unless told so by the customer.

How We Will Remove The Junk

As stated earlier, our customers must tell us beforehand which items they would like removed as we respect their privacy, and do not want to throw out necessary items of theirs. Therefore, after our team is directed, they will take the junk to the nearest dumpster and then clean the area that the junk was removed from. Our team will guarantee that all of the junk you want to get rid of is gone and taken care of.

Maca’s Cleaning Services will remove junk while making sure that they are following safety precautions so that spaces are not contaminated during a time where Covid-19 is present. Our team takes these safety precautions very seriously and makes sure that junk removal services are offered safely to our customers.

What Services We Provide

At Maca’s Cleaning Services, we offer many services other than junk removal services such as residential and commercial cleaning, condominium maintenance, and many more. For an additional fee, we offer services such as carpet cleaning and disinfecting/sanitization. We will make sure that any service we provide is done thoroughly so that our customers are satisfied with the result.

We offer our customers fully-customizable junk removal and cleaning services so that you have a choice when deciding which services you want to be done. Maca’s Cleaning Services understands that our customers have unique situations and whether you are a homeowner or property manager, our team is able to provide our customers with quick and reliable junk removal services.

Why You Should Choose Maca's Cleaning Services

Maca’s Cleaning Services understands what it means to provide its customers with high-quality junk removal services so that they can feel comfortable in their home or workspace. Especially with the pandemic upon us from Covid-19, we want to make sure that our team is taking safety precautions so that our customers are safe and do not have to worry. Our team gets tested often and temperatures are taken beforehand to ensure the safety of our customers and other team members. Maca’s Cleaning Services guarantees services offered by us to be done in a professional and clean manner so that our customers are satisfied.

Maca’s Cleaning Services’ number one priority is customer satisfaction. We want our customers to not only be satisfied with the junk removal service that our team provides them with, but also with clear communication between our team and the customer. We encourage our customers to provide us with feedback so that we can give them a better experience moving forward.

How To Contact Us

If you have decided that you want junk removal services in your commercial or residential building, feel free to contact us to receive a free quote. From there, we will discuss other services we are offering and when we are able to schedule the junk removal.

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