The cost of a cleaning service can greatly vary depending on the type of cleaning service you require as well as the size of the space that needs to be cleaned. Since there are so many different types of cleanings such as deep cleanings, and standard cleanings, it is hard to put a fixed price on it. However, homeowners and business owners can expect to pay anywhere from $30-$60 per hour for cleaning services. This can also vary if you want to get special cleaning services that the company does not typically offer. In this blog post, we provide you with a cleaning services cost guide that will give you all the information needed to figure out how much a cleaning service costs. This cleaning services cost guide will also show you what goes into a quote given by a cleaning company.

Size of the Space

Depending on the size of the building or home, it will take a cleaner longer to thoroughly clean it. If your cleaner does not use an hourly system, this is why the price of cleanings will greatly vary. Therefore, the size of the building will affect the cost of a cleaning service.

Service Needed

House cleaning services and commercial cleaning services both will vary in price depending on the type of service that you require from the cleaning company. If your space is extremely dirty and has grime, you will most likely require a deep cleaning which will get rid of accumulations of dirt and grime. If you require another service such as sanitization services which requires professional equipment, you may be paying more for this as well. 


Many clients will simply only require a cleaner to do things such as take out the trash and wipe down surfaces. These types of cleaning services are much cheaper than deep cleanings and will allow you to maintain a clean look throughout your home. If you have an area that has accumulated grime and dirt, this will cost more as the cleaner will have to thoroughly clean this area. 

Individual Cleaner

Homeowners and business owners can easily use platforms such as Kijiji, and Facebook to find cleaners that are offering their prices for lower than others. These are generally cleaners who do it on the side, or they are just starting which is why it can possibly be a cheaper alternative. However, this individual may not provide you with the results that you want or the customer service that you want which is why many may not want to go with this option. While the prices on these platforms greatly vary for individual cleaners, you can generally find a cleaner that will charge roughly $15-$20 per hour.

Cleaning Company

A cleaning company may charge more for their services simply because they have to fairly pay their employees as well as handle travel expenses. However, many of these companies have built a reputation for being good to their customers which will allow you to have peace of mind when you are hiring a cleaning company for your house cleaning services or commercial cleaning services. Cleaning companies will roughly charge $25-$30 per hour for their cleaning services.

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